Roof Inspections & Repair for Property Managers

Are you a Property Manager in Colorado? We offer free roof inspections and assessments! Staying on top of your roofing maintenance can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. With the harsh Colorado weather, we recommend bi-annual inspections, especially after a serious storm. Heavy snow or hail can rapidly shorten a roof’s lifespan if the necessary repairs are left unattended or unnoticed. Even our “300 days of sunshine” can cause sun damage to your roof’s sealants and other roofing materials.

Why should we be your go-to? 

1. We Are a Local Company

Precision Home Services has been certified Colorado Roofers for years. We are well versed in the wear and tear that comes with living in this area. Additionally, we are insurance claim experts that will ensure you are taken care of when hail or weather-related damage comes into play.

2. Competitive Pricing

We offer pricing unique to your needs. Our roofing professionals offer free estimates, which include a detailed report of the damage and costs.

3. High-Quality Work, Done Quickly 

We make every effort to schedule all service calls within 24 hours.

4. Communication is Key

Not only will we notify you every step of the way during the roofing process, but we guarantee to have excellent communication with your tenants as well so everything runs as smoothly as possible

We provide your clients with the same level of service that you provide them.

Precision Home Services offers free property assessments to our clients at initial sign up so you can make sure your property is protected from day one. Additionally, we provide a two-year craftsmanship warranty on top of any and all manufacturer warranty on all our multifamily projects.
Protecting your investment is our #1 priority.