Pizza In Idaho Springs

Pizza In Idaho Springs

This is hands down the best pizza place in Idaho Springs…

Beau Jos Pizza is a MUST when in Idaho Springs!

1517 Miner St | Idaho Springs, CO

The history on Beau Jos is a great story. In 1880 Charles Shields constructed a small building on Miner Street in downtown Idaho Springs. Tenants cycled through, and finally, Beau Jo’s founder bought the building. With the goal of reinventing pizza in Colorado, Beau Jo’s has now been in business for 40+ years and has seven locations . This location has a huge draw to Idaho Springs from people passing through, to those staying for vacation, and even the local crowd.



Another Local Spot: Picci’s Pizzeria

2745 Colorado Blvd | Idaho Springs, CO

This pizza place is less-known to tourists, but a great spot for pizza and especially for families! This family business has been around since 1990! In 1990 Dave Meldrum opened Picci’s. The goal was to create a pizza that was affordable and great tasting! The tradition was carried on through Kayla, his sister, and now his nephew, Jason.

Their pizza is quality, and it’s very affordable!