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For the Thrill-seeker or Adventurer

We gathered all there is to do in and around Idaho Springs, so look no further. Here are our top five suggestions if you are looking for things to do that will get your heart racing, and spirits up! We have you covered on all the things you will want to know including pricing, age, and time of year; Here’s the Rundown!


1. AVA Cliffside Zipline



This zip-lining experience is second to none. Running through the summer and into November, this is sure to bring smiles on everyones faces. The zip-line is located on a wooded mountainside, and includes 6 different zip lines, all varying in length & intensity. See gorgeous cliffs and trees, and experience drops that get your adrenaline going!

Ages: 6+, good for the entire family!

Price: $$-$$$

Time of Year: March – November


2. Zip-line Adventures – Colorado Adventure Center


Just up I-70 from Idaho Springs, this experience is well worth the drive.

This experience includes one of the highest, and longest zip lines in the state of Colorado. Climb 65 feet up into a tower, then experience ziplining over the whitewater rapids of Clear Creek for an entire MILE of zipping. Up to speeds of 40 MPH, this experience is sure to be fun!

Ages: All ages and experiences are open to. Height and Weight Requirements apply.

Price: $$-$$$

Time of Year: March-November


3. Mile Hi Rafting & ATV Tours




Rafting: Colorado white water rafting is a great experience for family and friends! Professionally guided trips take place on Clear Creek and Arkansas Rivers. Gear is provided, and pricing is good! Child 7 Group discounts are also offered. Age: 50 Lb Minimum for a child, call location for more details. Price: $$-$$$$ (Pricing can vary depending on level & age)

Time of Year: Summertime


ATV Tours: Take an ATV through historical mining trails, Rocky Mountain scenic routes, as well as tours that feature the Continental Divide and Mt. Evans views.

Previous experience is unnecessary.

Age: 16+

Price: $$-$$$ ( Pricing can vary depending on level / package)

Time of Year: Year Round, check website for more information.


4. ARGO Mill Tour


Of course, the most famous tour in Idaho Springs is the Mill Tour. Get historical introductions to what the mine was all about, get a lesson in panning for gold, and then put your skills to test!

Price $-$$

Age: All Ages, Family-friendly.

Time of Year: Year Round.


5. A&A Historical Trail Stables


Experience trail riding with second to none views, and an experience the whole family will remember! Learn how to horse back ride, without all the crazy restrictions that other large stables have in place. Great views, and a company with a great story!

Price $-$$$ (prices vary based on package / time)

Age: Family friendly. Check with location on age restrictions.

Time of Year: Check with location.


We hoped you enjoyed these top 5 experiences we rounded up for you in Idaho Springs! Let us know if you try any of these!