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Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet Solutions

Upgrade your bathroom with modern cabinetry.

If you’re looking for bathroom cabinet solutions that fit your space, style, and budget, partner with Precision’s team of professional designers and installation experts.

At Precision Homes, we offer full service solutions so that whether you’re gutting your bathroom or just giving your cabinets a facelift, your experience will be seamless and comprehensive.

Our team will work with you every step of the way – from the initial consultation – through the final walk through to ensure that your project meets your standards and the Precision standard.

Our Bathroom Cabinet Products

Precision Cabinets

Precision Cabinets is our own proprietary line of IN STOCK, ready-to-assemble, custom look cabinetry. With as little as a one-week lead time, these cabinets are your solution to complete any project on time, under budget, and with precision.

Dream Craft Cabinetry

Dream Craft cabinets are known for their functionality and beautiful design. Our expert team of designers can draft a plan to upgrade your bathroom with spacious Dream Craft cabinetry.

Ultracraft Custom Cabinets

Ultracraft custom cabinets add about 15% more storage space than typical framed cabinets. Specializing in functional and ergonomic hardware, Ultracraft custom cabinetry provides aesthetically beautiful and functional storage for any room.

Crown Cabinets

Crown has been manufacturing premium cabinetry for over 65 years. Using only the best materials and craftsmanship, Crown makes all of its products in Salt Lake City, Utah.

RSI - Professional Cabinet Services

RSI Professional Cabinet Solutions (RSI PCS) has been the industry leader in providing premium frameless, European-inspired cabinetry since 2003.

Tidwell Cabinetry

If you’re looking for custom and semi-custom framed cabinets, Tidwell has you covered. They offer a variety of styles to choose from including flat, solid, and raised panel cabinets.

JSI Cabinets

Create the kitchen of your dreams with cabinets with JSI Cabinetry. Enjoy personalizing your kitchen cabinets with Millwork City’s extensive selection of cabinet hardware. Choose the style you desire and start building the kitchen design you’ve been longing for! The kitchen cabinet door options from JSI Cabinetry are simply gorgeous.

Starmark Cabinets

They have been in business since 1978, building quality StarMark Cabinetry in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Hundreds of experienced StarMark Cabinetry dealers and designers are located across the nation, ready to listen to you and create your dream kitchen and bath.

Timberlake Cabinets

Manufacture kitchen and bath cabinets to satisfy every type of homebuyer: from entry level to move-up to luxury. Organized into three series – Portfolio Select, Portfolio, and Value Built – each has different features and options.

Bathroom Cabinet Replacement and Enhancement

Give your bathroom a facelift with new cabinetry!

One of the best ways to enhance the look and functionality of a bathroom is to install new cabinets. When you partner with Precision Homes to replace or enhance your bathroom cabinets, you’ll receive comprehensive guidance from start to finish.

We’ve mastered our process for upgrading bathroom cabinets, so that your project – from initial consultation – to installation and post walk through will be done efficiently, precisely, and on-budget. Contact our brilliant team of designers today to begin the exciting process of upgrading your bathroom cabinets.

Replacement Services

Entire Bathroom Cabinet Furnishings

Replace your current bathroom cabinets with new, modern furnishings or add custom cabinets made to organize specific toiletries and household items.

Enhancements and Modifications

There are limitless options when it comes to bathroom cabinet parts and modifications. Choose from a variety of hinge options, shelving, toiletry organizers, and more. If there is specific storage or a design feature that you’ve always wanted, we can make it happen.

Contact Us About Your Next Bathroom Cabinet Project

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